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Corner Garden

Corner Garden

Posted by on Jan 9, 2014 in Flowers, Garden, Nature, Summer flowers | 0 comments

corner garden in summer

A walkway and a fence add structure to a wispy corner garden in summer blooms.

In Deerfield, Massachusetts, I stumbled upon this pretty little corner garden in the historic district.

The scene drew me in with it’s angles and shapes, counter balanced by the wispy flowers.

Another combination of nature and man-made structures that blend well together.

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Blue Flower Trio

Blue Flower Trio

Posted by on Jan 7, 2014 in Blue Flowers, Flowers, Nature | 0 comments

Closeup details of remarkable blue flowers

Closeup details of remarkable blue flowers with interesting petals and tendrils.

Blue flowers gathered in a trio.

I saw these beauties one day, and they just caught my attention. They really were a most interesting blue color, and the shapes of their petals and tendrils were amazing.

I stayed pretty true-to-life on this painting, because there was no need to improve on what Nature had already made.

I don’t know what kind of flower they are, I will have to do some research, or perhaps one of you out there would fill me in?

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Birdhouse Among the Roses

Birdhouse Among the Roses

Posted by on Jan 6, 2014 in Birds, Flowers, Nature, Nest, Roses | 0 comments

A birdhouse surrounded by roses

A sweet birdhouse surrounded by pink roses.

A sweet little birdhouse on a white picket fence, surrounded by pretty pink roses.

I wonder if the birds can smell the sweet scent of the flowers inside their home?

I wonder, too, if the thorns of the rosebush help keep predators away. I hope so.

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