What’s In a Name? – “Why Owls Feathered Edges”?

Let’s start with the easier one, the Feathered Edges part.

I like a play on words, and when there are multiple meanings to a play on words, that’s even better.

In my paintings, I often use a technique called feathered edges.  Feathered edges are a blending at the edge where the painting stops, and fades softly into the background (the whiteness of the fine art paper or canvas).  I like this look as it helps define the artwork as a painting.  It is a nod to the traditional painters and their techniques.  It also helps describe my usual style of painting.  I like curved lines and subtly blended details.  My paint strokes are often “feathery”, in and of themselves.

On another level, the name Owls Feathered Edges helps me bring in the other aspect I wanted to include in my company name.  I recently found out that I am of distant Cherokee ancestry.  I can not say that I am Cherokee, as I was not raised within the Cherokee community, and have not yet learned all that it means to be Cherokee.  My core beliefs are aligned with the Native Americans, however, and always have been.  I am on the “Red Path” and learning as much as I can.  The Barred Owl is my totem, and has been close to me from a very young age.  My eighth-Great-Grandfather was White Owl, a well-known and respected leader in his day.  For these reasons, I wanted to include “Owl” in my company name.  I use this word out of respect to both my ancestors and to the spirits that guide me in my painting endeavors.

My artwork celebrates nature in all its forms – plants, trees, water, rock, animals and humans.  I sense and see the beauty in the world around me, and try to share that with other people.  I hope that you take a moment to enjoy these paintings, and let one take you to a quiet place for a while.